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Visit the Zoo!

Here's the easiest question you'll never find on a test - Where's the best place to see animals from all around the world - all in one place?

Of course, it's a zoo.

Without zoos, you might never get the chance to see a cheetah, or a gorilla, or a hippopotamus. Without conservation, those species might disappear forever.

The next chance you get, take a trip to a zoo. As you look around, think about how much you'd have missed if you never got to see those beautiful animals in person - and then think about how you can help see that they have trees, shelter, food and clean water to drink, so they will be there for your children, and their children, forever and ever.

Here are some zoo websites to explore - and learn more about our furry and feathered friends.
Atlanta, GA Indianapolis, IN Pittsburgh, PA
Austin, TX Issaquah, WA Portland, OR
Birmingham, AL Jackson, MS Reno, NV
Brookfield, IL Kansas City, MO St. Louis, MO
Buffalo, NY Little Rock, AR St. Paul, MN
Cincinnati, OH Los Angeles, CA San Antonio, TX
Cleveland, OH Louisville, KY San Diego, CA
Colorado Springs, CO Melbourne, FL San Francisco, CA
Columbus, OH Memphis, TN Santa Ana, CA
Dallas, TX Nashville, TN Santa Barbara, CA
Denver, CO New York, NY Springfield, IL
Detroit, MI Oakland, CA Springfield, MA
Fort Worth, TX Oklahoma City, OK Springfield, MO
Fresno, CA Palm Beach, FL Toledo, OH
Greensboro, NC Philadelphia, PA Washington, D.C.
Hilo, HI Phoenix, AZ Wichita, KS
Honolulu, HI located in Ft. Wayne, IN and also the home of the John Chapman Memorial.

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