Johnny Appleseed

8436 Ledge Circle
Trussville, AL 35173

Quaterly Gift

If you're a member of the Johnny Appleseed Junior Ecology Club, you'll receive a reminder, most often a postcard from your credit union or bank letting you know it's time to stop in a make a deposit. 

You've Got Mail!
This is what this quarter's prize looks like - so don't forget to look for the card in your mailbox. Just take it in, make a deposit to your savings account,and walk out with your gift. If your bank or credit union does not have a Johnny Appleseed Junior Ecology Club, let them know they can reach us at 1.409.350.9899 to get one started.

While visiting your bank or credit union, don't forget to see how much your account has grown. Just as the seeds Johnny Appleseed planted grew into trees that made apples, your seed money will bear fruit, too. When you get older there will be tons of stuff you want, and it's going to take money to make that happen, so begin a good savings habit today.

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